Sunday, 11 May 2008

The Brown Stuff

The polls continue to nose-dive for New Labour and Gordon Brown. The much vaunted 're-launch' of the party provided me with the idea to use the iconic image of the first US astronauts from the classic 80s film 'The Right Stuff'. My title 'The Brown Stuff' of course has the obvious duality in meaning, because they really are in messy stuff right now and surely the only way is up? They really need to get their act together to win back their core vote, who have obviously finally had enough of their brand of right wing politics with only meaningless platitudes offered as crumbs to their left-leaning core support. Whether they can turn this state of affairs around I'm not sure they even know how or where to begin.


Anonymous said...

Maybe, given the amount of ordure they are in right now they should have been in deep sesa diving gear. :)


BarkerBitesBack said...

I was thinking of writing the name Brown in Brown but I thought that was pushing it - for the BBC anyway