Sunday, 5 October 2008

US Republican Party: They Fail and We All Pay

I find it utterly staggering that the party which dictated to the world the ideology which has now brought the planet to the verge of total economic collapse i.e. unregulated free market economics, should try to pretend that this great big mess isn't their fault. The banks operate under the laws of the jungle, it's their nature, but it is the right wing parties of the world who have let them do as they please through their refusal to regulate their bheaviour. Make no mistake - this mess has been isn't only the Republican's fault, but it was certainly led by them and then followed blindly by the right wing parties of 'New' Labour in the UK and the 'Christian' Democrats across Western Europe. Well here's news to all the right wingers who hide behind so-called Christian values - Christ most certainly would not have been a right winger and real Christian values are just about as far removed from what you stand for as you can get.


Buck said...

Cry baby Politics suck! Nice work bud.

BarkerBitesBack said...

Cheers Buck, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Well said - well illustrated.

BarkerBitesBack said...

Thanks aileni, I felt in needed saying, because no one in the media seems to want to - or perhaps it's because they are all now so right wing they can't see it for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Your funny.

Yea, the housing market had nothing to do with the collapse huh?

And Subprime loans were NOT a democratic idea huh?

Carter and Cliton didnt put us here right??

I'm sorry, but all due respect, you need to research a little farther than the 10 o'clack bias news.

Do the research hun.

This was CLINTONS fault.

And he is a democrat :]

BarkerBitesBack said...

Well I'm afraid if there weren't so many Republicans them you'd be hilarious. But unfortunately there are enough dumb right winger in America to make the whole world suffer. So it had nothing at all to do with George W Bush and the Republican's appeasement of big business by dismantling almost all useful systems of market regulation and more to do with someone who was the president nearly thirty years ago? I'm afraid it isn't me who needs to get some objectivity. Personally I'm surprised you haven't tried to blame Obama, after all you and yours have hung just about every other slur you can think of around his neck. Truly ridiculous.